How to Find Your Niche as a Fitness Instructor

With the fitness industry getting more competitive all the time, you might have heard that finding a niche for yourself in group exercise puts you at an advantage... READ MORE

How to Hire the Perfect Group Fitness Instructor

Whether you have multiple applicants for a single job opening or you are selecting individuals from within your fitness classes... READ MORE

4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Group Fitness Certification

Want to become a sought-after Group Fitness Instructor? Get a Group Fitness Instructor Certification! Here’s why… READ MORE

Should You Specialize?

Many fitness instructors are able to teach a wide range of classes on a group exercise schedule, but there’s also something to be said for specializing in just a select few—or even just one—fitness format. For example, you might be all about Zumba® or have a reputation at your facility as the instructor for indoor... READ MORE

How to Attract More People to Your Classes

The more effort you put into making your fitness classes the best experience possible for participants, the more they will want to come back. But sometimes it's necessary to go the extra mile to get new people in the door. Here are a few ideas to help generate additional interest in your classes and fill the room with an abundance of... READ MORE

When Did Group Fitness Stop Being About Customer Service?

There was a time when many group fitness instructors taught classes all day long, every day, to make a living. Because their livelihood depended on it, customer service was typically top of mind. Now teaching group fitness is seen as more of a side gig, something to do part time. READ MORE

Resume Tips for Group Exercise Instructors

A clear, concise and organized resume is an asset in any job search. In just a matter of seconds, a recruiter or employer can make a decision whether the candidate is a good fit for the organization or whether the resume gets pushed to the side. For this reason, it’s important for all job seekers to invest time in crafting a well written and dynamic resume that truly showcases skills and accomplishments. READ MORE

Group Fitness versus Group Personal Training - Are We Really So Different?

Group fitness has certainly evolved over the years. Thanks to changing trends in the industry, better education and certifications, along with more programming options, a movement that gained popularity in the ‘80s is still going strong today. So popular that a hybrid form of training, group personal training, has come to the forefront and effectively bridged the gap between one-on-one training and larg... READ MORE

Group Fitness: Substitute Teaching Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever said yes to subbing a group fitness class, then find yourself having second thoughts? Maybe you’re worried that you won’t live up to the reputation of the regular instructor or that you aren’t as experienced at teaching that particular format. Maybe you said yes in an effort to help out a desperate director or to get your foot in the door at a club where you’d like to teach. Ultimately you wa... READ MORE

Teaching a Fitness Class for the First Time

Getting ready to teach a fitness class for the first time can feel nerve-wracking at best and terrifying at worst. Whether it’s a new-to-you format, a class at a new location or literally your first time ever teaching to a group, it's normal to feel jittery as you branch out or make the leap from fitness student to fitness instructor. Take heart in knowing that most instructors have felt this way at some point—it's na... READ MORE

Fitness Instructors Wish These Embarrassing Moments Never Happened (but they did!)

Spraying spit on participants. Passing gas in yoga class. Speaking privately into a “hot” mic. Calling a student by the wrong name. Sooner or later, most group fitness instructors have an embarrassing tale or two (or more) to tell. READ MORE

Looking to Give Back While Also Expanding Your Training Impact? Maybe It’s Time to Consider Training for a Cause.

With a little planning and creativity you can help make a positive impact. Share your social responsibility initiatives to help mobilize others to get active and help support a cause. New clients may potentially seek out your services if they know you are contributing to a cause they support. Year after year, top resolutions include volunteering or giving back to the community, whether with time or donations, along with other top contenders like getting in shape and losing weight. READ MORE

Music Licensing: Do I need to be worried about music copyrights in my training sessions?

You don’t need to worry, but you may need a license: It’s required any time popular music is played publicly (beyond family-and-friends situations), regardless of whether it’s music you’ve purchased or music broadcast over the radio. There are some exemptions, but most don’t apply to the typical fitness center setting. READ MORE

The Voice Of Posture

Corrective exercise techniques are often just as important as vocalises for helping my students to become the best singers they can be. Excellent alignment is vital for breath management, volume and resonance when performing an opera aria, but resolving postural distortions can offer great benefits for voices of all kinds. READ MORE

Fitness Pros Share Similar Questions About Client Motivation and Adherence

Recently, Lawrence Biscontini posted an open-call for group movement instructors, personal trainers and life coaches to share their questions on social media. Following are some of the posts and his replies along with expertise shared from others in the fitness industry. READ MORE

How Your Voice Can Improve Your Success as a Fitness Instructor

Clear cuing and audible instruction demonstrates that you're a confident leader who can help participants exercise safely and to the best of their abilities. Here’s how to ensure good voice projection in a fitness class—without damaging your vocal cords in the process. READ MORE

Dealing with Negative Feedback from Group Exercise Participants

No one likes to receive complaints or bad reviews about their performance—but you can’t please everyone all the time. It’s how you perceive and manage the feedback that counts. When you break it down, there are probably four categories of feedback you might receive from group exercise participants. READ MORE

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