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G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification: Top 5 Questions and Answers

In case you haven’t heard, AFAA has launched an improved version of G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification. It’s one of the most robust and revolutionary indoor cycling programs on the market..

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How “Strategic Distraction” in Group Fitness Classes Can Make All the Difference

Being distracted is commonly regarded as something to avoid. Distractions during a presentation at work can quickly derail our train of thought and negate all our hard work and preparation...

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Are You A Fitness Director’s Worst Nightmare?

Do you get a lot of subs, overshare with the members, or have the diva syndrome? You know what it’s like when members behave badly, but what about you? Are you the instructor who contributes to the team, or the one creates challenges? If you...

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Outdoor Yoga Class Planning: 7 Key Considerations

Now that the weather is warmer, hosting outdoor yoga classes and events are in high swing for yoga instructors and studio business owners. Even corporate fitness professionals plan to incorporate outdoor classes within their programs this time of year.....

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Motivation Matters! 50 Phrases to Make Your Participants Want to Move!

Are you running out of clever ways to cue using the same words and phrases you’ve said countless times? Word economy is critical in cueing because less is more and timing is everything. That means our words need to be strong, impactful....

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How to Motivate and Inspire Group Fitness Class Participants

Having an authentic connection with your participants is absolutely essential when it comes to delivering a great group fitness class experience. So how do you do this?One way is through motivation and inspiration. What makes group fitness so unique is....

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We can lead, but can we listen? Why good listeners make great leaders!

Is there any better feeling than telling a story, knowing that the person you’re speaking to is authentically engaged? When people listen to what we have to say, we feel validated and understood. Imagine if we could offer that feeling...

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What Do You Do When It's More Serious Than Pre-Class Jitters?

The other week I filmed a video about nervous energy and all the ways we can use it to our advantage before we teach class. Nervous energy can inspire us to cultivate our skill set and deliver a class that goes above and beyond, but sometimes...

How to Avoid Instructor Burnout

Are you getting burned out? Are you tired of teaching the same class and hearing yourself repeat the same cues? Are you craving inspiration, or dreaming about a vacation? This week, Angie talks to you about instructor burnout. Whether you’re new ...

3 Truths to Help You Practice Yoga Consistently

As a fitness professional and yoga instructor for more than a decade, I have received tons of feedback from yoga practitioners. More often than I can count, I have heard students and members express the following: “I can’t do yoga because I am not flexible.”...

Do you get nervous before you teach your fitness classes?

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned group fitness instructor, you’re not alone if you get nervous before you teach your fitness classes. Nervous energy can be a great motivator, and this week, Angie shares some ways that we can use those pre-class jitters to our advantage.

Summer Motivation: How to Keep Members Coming to Class

Picture this: You’re headed into your first fitness class in a new studio space, excited for the workout that you’ve signed up, slightly nervous because you’re not quite sure what to expect...and as you enter the room, you set up your equipment, take a deep breath, look around...

Summer Motivation: How to Keep Members Coming to Class

Have you ever had a member tell you they're going to be on vacation for a week and you don't see them for a few months? This week, Angie talks about exercise relapse and how to help your members avoid the trap. Summer is vacation time and it’s when a lot...

Kettlebell Combination – Part II

Kettlebells are dynamic and challenging and they train the whole body. They’re also choreography free, and that’s something a lot of participants appreciate. Last month, Angie shared a kettlebell combination that’s great to teach in....

How to Deal with a Disruptive Member

We’ve all been there. We’ve come to class prepared and eager to lead, only to discover that there’s that one person- the one who won’t stop talking to the people around them, who answers their cell....

Four Assumptions We Never Want to Make

Do you let that one negative person get in your head, or take responsibility for everyone getting a great workout? Sometimes as group fitness instructors, we make assumptions that get in the way of best practices...

How to Use Instagram Stories to Boost Your Fitness Business

If you want to stay on top of the latest trends in social media for your fitness marketing, the Instagram Story platform is the place to be. Instagram first launched Stories in 2016; by January 2019, there were...

Kettlebell Combination for Group Fitness

Kettlebells are a great tool to use in small and large group fitness classes. You can use them in circuit or bootcamp style classes, or devote an entire class to kettlebell training. Grouping exercises into kettlebell...

How to Sub like a Boss!

Subbing can be scary. When we step in to fill the shoes of someone who has already built a loyal community of followers, it’s not an easy task. But who says leadership is easy? Subbing takes us out of our comfort zone...

How To Care For Yourself So You Can Care For Others

As instructors, we’re social, energetic people, and our bucket feels full when we’re helping others; but it’s no secret that if we fail to nurture our own needs, we risk burnout, stress, frustration, fatigue...

Part II - Are You Making These Mistakes? Six Ways to Spot a Bad Instructor!

As group fitness instructors, we know that mistakes are part of the job. The key is to recognize and learn from them so they don't become bad habits. The other week Angie shared three mistakes we want to...

Are you making these mistakes? Six Ways to Spot a Bad Instructor!

Instructors are like magicians. We can make unbelievable things happen, keep our audience captivated, and trick them into thinking it’s effortless, but we do make “mistakes." It’s part of the job and part of life...

Body Language: It’s What You’re Not Saying That Matters Most

Group fitness instructors who are true leaders command presence. These leaders know that words matter, but more importantly, they understand that their body sends signals that speaks a language all its own...

What if we passed the mic to a member? Four lessons (we hope) they’d learn

Have you ever fantasized about handing the mic to someone in class to show them what it’s like to get a room full of people to do the same thing at the same time? Maybe you’d hand it to the member who...

How to Build Body Confidence

As group fitness instructors we're all about building body confidence in others, but what about us? Body confidence, in a body conscious industry, can be hard to hold on to. Even if we have it...

Three Tips to Take Stress in Stride

How do you manage stress? Stress affects all of us, but what sets us apart is our ability to rise to the occasion. If we adopt critical coping techniques, we can learn to take stress in stride. This week Angie shares one her...

Three Great Gifts to Give to Your Members

As group fitness instructors we have the opportunity to give gifts that don’t cost anything, but make a big impact on how others feel, especially during the holidays. Whether our members and fellow instructors are...

Legs, Shoulders & Biceps – Oh My! Total Body Resistance Exercises

Today Angie shows you a movement series that you can implement into your strength training classes or other fusion formats. You’ll see how easy it is to layer exercises, and to make them more dynamic and...

Motivate Members to Make Positive Change- Focus on Solutions (Part II)

As the new year approaches so do new year’s resolutions and the challenge of change. This week, Angie shares three questions that can help members see change as something positive they’re...

Motivate Members to Make Positive Change- Focus on Solutions

As the new year approaches so do new year’s resolutions and all the ways that our members want to make change. Change is much more motivating if we shift our focus from the...

Winning Warm Ups: Mental Strategies to Maximize Participant Performance

Quality effective warm ups physically prepare participants for what lies ahead. More importantly, they mentally empower them to make the most of the experience. This week, Angie shares...

Ball Blast- Stability Ball Exercises for Group Fitness

Stability ball exercises are fun and challenging and they’re a great way to bring dynamic balance challenges and glute targeted exercises to group fitness participants...

Being a Group Fitness “Inclusivity Ambassador” in a world full of insecurity – including our own!

Perception is reality. We tend to believe what we tell ourselves. We all have insecurities. Even the people that you think are the most...

How to Increase Your Value as an Instructor

This week, Angie shares some ways that you can increase your value as an instructor. She can’t guarantee that these tips will put more money in your pocket...

Meditation, Self-Care, and World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day so it's the perfect day to talk about improving our own mental wellness, and in turn passing this along to our participants...

Cool Tips for a Cool Down- Add Meaning to Movement

The cool down is the perfect time to add meaning to movement and make the experience personal to each participant. By adding visualization and...

How to Build Momentum, Boost Your Class Numbers and Grow Your Following

As group fitness instructors we know that the only way to keep our classes is to fill our classes! That means that we need strategies to build momentum...

Words Matter! Positive Cues to Coach Your Participants to the Next Level!

Words matter, and the words we use impact mindset of our participants. While our intentions are good, sometimes words meant to motivate...

Partner Exercises

Are you looking for ways to build motivation and create better connection among participants? Two people can make one exercise twice as fun, and...

Mistakes, Challenges and Embarrassing Moments as an Instructor

As group fitness instructors we teach potentially hundreds of participants every week, and that means that things can and will go wrong...

The Power Of Group Fitness: Why Group Classes Are One Of The Best Ways To Build A Love For Exercise

We all want to inspire others to exercise, but more importantly we want them to love the experience. This week Angie shares four pivotal reasons...

How to Use Your CEU's to Grow Your Mind And Your Business

As AFAA certified group fitness instructors we're always in pursuit of continuing education so that we can renew our certification every two years. This week...

Indoor Cycling Inspiration

What group exercise format gives you a great cardiovascular workout with no impact and gives new meaning to spinning your wheels? Here at AFAA...

Three Reasons To Teach Yoga

Have you thought about teaching yoga? As group fitness instructors we thrive when we're leading large groups. Most of us teach multiple formats...

Careers in Group Fitness: What’s Out There?

If you’ve been teaching group fitness classes for a while and are poised to make your next career move, you might be wondering what path to take...

The Art of Designing Choreography Part 2

Creating choreography is not as complex as it seems. In her last video, Angie showed you a simple method to design choreography and teach 32-count sequences...

Introducing Finesse Fitness

This week Angie talks to NASM and AFAA's latest pro fitness partners, Finesse Fitness. Finesse just launched their latest Kickstarter campaign and they share information about their products...

The Art Of Designing Choreography

Do you struggle to create choreography for your classes? This week, Angie teaches you a simple method to design choreography and teach 32 count sequences...

Cardio Modifications

Dance, step, cardio kickboxing, and other cardio based classes are a great way to get our members moving, and modifications make all the difference when...

The Exerciser Continuum

One of the greatest challenges that group fitness instructors face is teaching to exercisers of all ages and abilities. We are charged with the task of designing...

Floor to Standing Transfer For Older Adults

If you teach older adult fitness classes, you'll want to check out this week's video. Last week Angie shared tips on neuromotor training and...

Neuromotor Training for Older Adults

Do you teach older adult fitness classes? If so, you know that motivation for exercise often changes as we age, with more emphasis on feeling better...

Summer Motivation

We just celebrated Memorial Day and that means summer is on its way! It's three months of pure bliss where we get to enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, beaches...

The Power of Resilience Part 2

How flexible are you? Physical flexibility is important, but mental flexibility is what matters most when we're challenged by unexpected circumstances...

The Power of Resilience

Are you resilient? Resilience is what we call upon when faced with big life changes and unexpected circumstances. Resilience helps us bounce back...

Angie's One Favorite Move

Do you have a favorite exercise you love to teach in your group fitness classes? Sometimes we love our favorite exercise so much that we wonder if our members tire of doing...

Five Ways To Improve As An Instructor

Do you ever wonder if participants have pet peeves about instructors? Last week we talked about difficult participant behavior, and this week we asked what...

How To Keep Class Participants Engaged

Have you ever had to deal with difficult participant behavior? Though participants don’t set out to create difficulty for others, when they text, talk, or even answer...

How Travel Can Transform Teaching

This week Angie joins us from New Zealand to show us that traveling and teaching have a lot in common. Check out her video for five travel lessons that have transformed... READ MORE

Three Tips for Instructor Self Care

As group fitness instructors, we put a lot of time into taking care of our participants. Sometimes we get so caught up in pleasing others that we put our personal needs aside.... READ MORE

Constructive Criticism vs. Destructive Criticism

We love when our participants appreciate our workouts and share their positive thoughts. As amazing as this feels, we also hear feedback in the form of criticism and that can... READ MORE

Help Class Participants Make the Most of Every Moment

As global group fitness leaders, we can give our participants more than the gift of sweat. When we share mindset strategies and motivational messages, we create a positive climate in our classes.... READ MORE

Group Fitness: Substitute Teaching Do's and Don'ts

Have you ever said yes to subbing, then have second thoughts? Subbing can be scary, but it's a great opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills and build your reputation. The challenge of teaching... READ MORE

Successfully Starting Over

When we move, whether it’s across the country or to city nearby, we have to start fresh in group fitness. Being the new instructor comes with its challenges... READ MORE

Yoga Poses for Popular Group Fitness Formats

This week Angie shares her secret to avoid burnout and stay inspired. By blending different disciplines, group fitness instructors can create dynamic classes... READ MORE

Tips to Tackle Names

Do you struggle to remember the names of your participants? It can be a real challenge when you teach multiple classes at more than one club. But we all know how amaz... READ MORE

Event-Themed Classes in Group Fitness

One way to stir up excitement, improve class attendance and promote a feeling of community in your gym’s group exercise department is to host event-themed classes. READ MORE

Cueing Tips for Group Fitness Instruction

Whether you teach yoga, step, or strength classes, cue before you do is the golden rule in group fitness instruction. As leaders of large groups we know that we're only as effective as the quality of instruction we provide. No matter how creative our choreography or how energetic our personality, efficient... READ MORE

Core Focused, Yoga Inspired Exercise

Movement inspires movement, and sometimes it just takes one exercise to spark our creativity. This week, Angie Miller shares a core focused, yoga inspired exercise that challenges the mind and body. This smooth, rhythmic exercise is all about weight distribution and quality movement. Whether you teach body weig... READ MORE

HIIT These: Interval Training 5 Different Ways

Interval classes continue to be in high demand on group fitness schedules—and for good reason. The learning curve is low for participants, and prep time is minimal for instructors. However, teaching the same interval format week after week can start to feel... READ MORE

Should You Specialize?

Many fitness instructors are able to teach a wide range of classes on a group exercise schedule, but there’s also something to be said for specializing in just a select few... READ MORE

How to Attract More People to Your Classes

The more effort you put into making your fitness classes the best experience possible for participants, the more they will want to come back. But sometimes it's necessary to go the... READ MORE

Playlist Do’s & Don'ts for Your Indoor Cycling Classes

Music is important in any group fitness class, but especially so in indoor cycling. A good indoor cycling playlist can elevate the workout from okay to... READ MORE

Formula for Success in Group X

Whether you're just getting started as a group fitness instructor, or you’ve been leading group exercise classes for years, you’ll always find new opportunities to improve your teaching skills and... READ MORE

Fitness Instructors Wish These Embarrassing Moments Never Happened (but they did!)

Spraying spit on participants. Passing gas in yoga class. Speaking privately into a “hot” mic. Calling a student by the wrong name. Sooner or later, most group fitness instructors have an embarrassing tale or two (or more) to tell. While you can’t always avoid cringe-worthy events from happening... READ MORE

Looking to Give Back While Also Expanding Your Training Impact? Maybe It’s Time to Consider Training for a Cause.

In addition to improving your clients’ fitness, have you looked for ways to use your expertise and services to benefit a cause? With a little planning and creativity you can help make a positive impact. Share your social responsibility initiatives to help mobilize others to g... READ MORE

A Perspective on High-Intensity Interval Training

As the popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and high work rate-type resistance training, also referred to as metabolic resistance training continue to grow, is there an increasing cause for concern? As we continue to look for innovative, time-efficient ways... READ MORE

Resume Tips for Group Exercise Instructors

A clear, concise and organized resume is an asset in any job search. In just a matter of seconds, a recruiter or employer can make a decision whether the candidate is a good fit for the organization or whether the resume gets pushed to the side. For this reason, it’s im... READ MORE

Group Fitness versus Group Personal Training - Are We Really So Different?

Group fitness has certainly evolved over the years. Thanks to changing trends in the industry, better education and certifications, along with more programming options, a movement that gained popularity in the ‘80s is still going strong today. So popular that a ... READ MORE

Breaking Your Weight Loss Plateau – One Simple Tip to Reignite Your Program

Months ago, you decided on a change – you established effective goals and were enjoying promising results, when suddenly, just like that, you hit a plateau where all your efforts are no longer producing results. The daily tactics and strategies you devised to... READ MORE

Training the Female Client: Key Considerations for Programming

Apart from the more obvious gender differences like pregnancy and some aging-related conditions (e.g., osteoporosis, menopausal changes), how much thought is generally given to the anatomical and physiological differences between men and women... READ MORE

Exercise Essentials: A Better Understanding of Our Aerobic Energy Pathway

A fundamental attribute of fitness has always been our relentless pursuit of new ideas when it comes to programming. Whether evolutionary or incremental in nature; trend or fad, we appear to thrive on challenging the status quo in our quest for better... READ MORE

Diabetes – Safe and Effective Exercise Programming

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to either produce or effectively use insulin, a key hormone for moving glucose from the bloodstream to the working muscles. Diabetes is currently ranked as the seventh leading cause of death in the ... READ MORE

Music Licensing: Do I need to be worried about music copyrights in my training sessions?

You don’t need to worry, but you may need a license: It’s required any time popular music is played publicly (beyond family-and-friends situations), regardless of whether it’s music you’ve purchased or music broadcast over the radio. There are some exemptions, but most don’t apply to the typical fitness center... READ MORE

The Voice Of Posture

Corrective exercise techniques are often just as important as vocalises for helping my students to become the best singers they can be. Excellent alignment is vital for breath management, volume and resonance when performing an opera aria, but resolving postural... READ MORE

Fitness Pros Share Similar Questions About Client Motivation and Adherence

Recently, Lawrence Biscontini posted an open-call for group movement instructors, personal trainers and life coaches to share their questions on social media. Following are some of the posts and his replies along with expertise shared from others in the fitness industry. READ MORE

Music’s Exercise Influence

What tunes are powering your workout? From rap and hip-hop, to hard rock and dance, each genre has the potential to take you to that higher level, push you through the last rep, or get you to the next mile marker. Music can psych you up before exercise even starts. It can make train... READ MORE

6 Steps to Set Yourself Apart from the Fitness Pack

In a world full of eye-catching, flashy, and often times over-the-top fitness professionals, how does one break out of the pack to gain a following in order to make a living in the fitness field? Start by following these six steps to establish your own personal niche and build your fit... READ MORE

How to Attract More Men to Group Exercise

As stereotypes go, you could say group fitness is the domain of women. Men are of course welcome. It’s just that, at many facilities, they seem to overlook group fitness classes as a viable workout option. But why? One good guess is the way group exercise is promoted, namely with w... READ MORE

How Your Voice Can Improve Your Success as a Fitness Instructor

Clear cuing and audible instruction demonstrates that you're a confident leader who can help participants exercise safely and to the best of their abilities. Here’s how to ensure good voice projection in a fitness class—without damaging your vocal cords in the. READ MORE

Dealing with Negative Feedback from Group Exercise Participants

No one likes to receive complaints or bad reviews about their performance—but you can’t please everyone all the time. It’s how you perceive and manage the feedback that counts. When you break it down, there are probably four categories of feedback you might receive from group... READ MORE

4 Strategies For Reaching Out to New Group Fitness Participants (So They Come Back to Class Next Time)

The easy part of being a fitness instructor or group trainer is welcoming regular participants into class each week. They’re familiar to us, and each other. We see them often enough to know a bit about them: perhaps their history with exercise/injury, their fitness goals, th... READ MORE

What to Do When a Group Fitness Participant Can’t Get the Exercise Technique Down

Your job as a fitness instructor is to help clients figure out exercise technique, but that process can get awkward if the participant feels embarrassed or discouraged by a lack of mastery. You might also feel this way for missing the mark on how to teach it. Your best line of def... READ MORE

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