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AFAA, the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, honors and supports the U.S. military forces. For more than two decades, AFAA has supported the U.S. military forces by providing fitness education on-board military installations worldwide.

AFAA offers up to 25% discounts on certifications and workshops for all active duty and retired military members and their dependents when courses are scheduled on-board military installations. In addition, all civilian government employees currently employed at the hosting military installation will also receive the discounted price.

To locate upcoming AFAA events scheduled at military installations worldwide, please visit our national and international calendars.

If you are interested in scheduling an AFAA certification or workshop, please contact Lisa J. Hamlin, Director of International/Military Relations, (805) 988-5845 or complete our contact form.

AFAA is approved by the Veterans Administration for reimbursement of certification fees. View the press release here.

For information regarding hosting an AFAA workshop at your military base or facility, call 1-800-446-2322, ext. 281, or complete our contact form

Workshop and Certification Calendars:
Military Domestic Calendar
Military International Calendar

Thank you for visiting AFAA┐s workshop locator. If you have not found a workshop or certification near you, please visit our Calendar Builder™ to let us know where you live and what workshops or certifications you are interested in attending. We cannot guarantee that we will come to you but by providing us with this request, we can group together other professionals with similar requests.

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