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This course met every expectation and provided what I needed. It provided me with more confidence and knowledge that confirmed and enhanced my teaching skills.

Maya McLane

The certification immediately opened doors for me! I am on my way to creating a prosperous career in the fitness industry.

Rose Cooke

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Noah Galloway:

Overcoming and Excelling

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American Fitness Magazine

Our winter issue features Noah Galloway on overcoming and excelling. This veteran is unafraid to share his plight of transitioning from military to civilian life as a double amputee, choosing to be better instead of bitter, while encouraging others. Read more…

Feeding the Athlete

This issue’s CEU Corner. Research vs. food myths, and understanding how to fuel for performance and life.

Building a Strong and Enduring Foundation

Apply NASM’s Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model to build a strong physical foundation.

Foam Rolling in Group Training

Discover the benefits of this self-myofascial release technique and how to implement in group training.


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