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AFAA's Personal Training Certification

Becoming a certified personal trainer can be an excellent career choice, especially for those individuals who enjoy the fitness industry and helping others live a healthier lifestyle or achieving maximum fitness goals. With a personal training certification, you can receive the training both in theory and practicum to ensure that you have the right tools and resources available to succeed in this popular growth area.

Receiving Your Personal Training Certification with the Help of the AFAA

With AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), you can receive your personal training certification more conveniently than ever. AFAA offers a comprehensive 3 day workshop (or a complete online version) that educates you on the various aspects of becoming a proficient personal trainer.

Participating in either the onsite or the online version, you will receive both lectures and a wide assortment of practical demonstrations giving you the knowledge and insight to be a competent personal training. While AFAA does not guarantee that you will pass your examinations, AFAA is extremely confident that you will have the tools, resources and preparation necessary to pass both AFAA's personal trainer certification and the personal trainer national boards.

Who Can Benefit from AFAA's Personal Training Certification

One of the great ways to further your career for those that enjoy fitness education is to receive an AFAA personal training certification. Whether you are new to the industry or already have experience in fitness training an AFAA personal training certification can definitely help in opening doors career wise.

The AFAA personal training certification offers comprehensive information regarding a wide variety of topics that many personal trainers should be highly knowledgeable on including; information on anatomy and kinesiology, fitness assessment testing procedures, special populations and medical considerations, nutrition and weight management, exercise programming in the weight room and wellness programming among many other topics.

AFAA is the Leader in Fitness Education & Personal Training Certification

It should be noted that AFAA is not only one of the most well known and well respected organizations in the fitness industry, but it also has an incredibly large membership base. In fact, AFAA has issued over 300,000 certifications in the fitness industry making it not only one of the most prestigious fitness education organizations around, but also the largest.

Start or Enhance Your Career Today

AFAA can offer those new to the fitness industry the education and insights necessary to jumpstart one's career as a personal trainer. Whether you choose to receive your personal training certification to assist those in a gym environment, at a private home environment or even over the internet, AFAA's personal training certification can give you the boost and credentials needed to land an attractive opportunity. For those already with experience, AFAA's personal training certification can perhaps be the most resourceful way to further one's career as well.

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