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If you are looking for a great career that has been growing for the last couple of decades then one career you should think about is becoming a personal trainer. Becoming a personal trainer can be a fantastic career opportunity for those interested in helping individuals live a healthy lifestyle and achieve optimal performance. Becoming a personal trainer is quite straight forward and doesn't take years of experience or thousands of dollars. In fact, for those interested in becoming a personal trainer or who already have some fitness experience, a career in a health club or as a private business can be very easy to achieve.

Skills Needed to Become a Personal Trainer

Just like any profession, there are several skills which are quite important to become a personal trainer. While you don't have to be a body builder or even have muscles, living a healthy lifestyle and experience with the many aspects of fitness can help you be a great role model for your clients. In addition, you need to be a great listener. Many of your clients will have specific and unique problems that must be solved in order for them to reach their peak performance. It is also necessary to have a motivational personality, leadership skills and be very nurturing when need be. These skills taken as a whole can give you an enormous advantage when it comes to being a personal trainer.

Certifications Needed to Become a Personal Trainer

Besides having the right personality and skills, in order to excel in your career you will need to receive the proper certifications. A personal trainer with the proper certification will not only help you thrive in your field, but ensure you have the right information and experience to be proficient at your career. One of the leading personal training certifications in the country, as well as around the world is the AFAA personal training certification program. AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) is not only one of the leading organizations with a huge membership base, but also one of the most respected in the industry due to the fact that they provide a comprehensive workshop and instruction for earning certification.

Topics Covered with Personal Trainer Certification

AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) offers one of the most comprehensive personal trainer certification programs in America and throughout the world. One of the most popular certification programs is their 3 day workshop which covers many important aspects of being a personal trainer. Some of the key topics that are covered by AFAA during their personal trainer certification program include: anatomy and kinesiology, fitness assessment testing procedures, individuals in special populations and with medical considerations, nutrition and weight management, wellness programming and exercise programming in the weight room among many other topics that are utilized quite often by most personal trainers. For those looking to become a personal trainer, AFAA personal trainer certification is perhaps the most comprehensive and respected in the industry.

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