KickBoxing Certification v4 - 5 CEUs

AFAA’s Kickboxing Certification is designed to equip those seeking to become kickboxing instructors with the competencies needed to design safe and effective programming for the general healthy population.

This gold-standard certification program is based on a self-study model that covers the following topics in advance of the included one-day certification review and practicum workshop:

  • Biomechanics, physiology and research
  • Kickboxing skills and technique
  • Class format
  • Teaching skills and choreography
  • Special populations
  • Injury prevention
The certification review and practicum workshop is designed to allow participants to review and apply what they’ve learned prior to taking the written and practical examinations towards the conclusion of the workshop. (Both exams are included in the workshop registration fee).

Upon successful completion of the AFAA Kickboxing certification course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of anatomy, exercise physiology, nutrition and kinesiology to the design and delivery of kickboxing classes.
  • Integrate safety, correct technique, and proper alignment into kickboxing classes to ensure sound training decisions
  • Use proper technique for punches, kicks, use of equipment and combination-building
  • Use appropriate instructional techniques for the level of participants to provide a safe, effective, and enjoyable program
  • State and appropriately apply the AFAA 5 Questions when evaluating exercise selection and technique.
  • Assimilate and apply the AFAA fitness training recommendations according to the Basic Exercise Standards and Guidelines for kickboxing as they relate to industry standards
  • Formulate the appropriate response(s) for safety issues such as injury prevention, preexisting conditions, special populations, and emergency response protocol in a kickboxing class setting.
  • Incorporate professionalism in his/her practice by following the Code of Ethics and related legal guidelines
Depending on prior education or experience, AFAA recommends no less than 4-6 weeks of dedicated pre-study before attending the certification workshop. The following recommended materials are available at to help you successfully prepare:
  • KickBoxing: A Manual for Instructors ($39.00)
  • Study Guide (included with workshop registration)
  • Practice Test for Kickboxing Certification ($20.00)
  • KickBoxing Skills & Choreography Workshop (Practical skills development workshop. Offered online or onsite; $129)
  • Possess Current CPR and AED Certification (proof must be received before certification will be issued)
  • Be at least 18 Years of Age
  • Early Registration
  • Pre-Study
  • Familiarity with Kickboxing Techniques (the Kickboxing Skills & Choreography Workshop is a useful precursor to the certification workshop)
  • Prior Group Exercise Experience Recommended (those with no prior experience are strongly advised to take the Group Exercise (GX): The Practical Way workshop or complete the Group Exercise Essentials: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities online course prior to registering for a certification workshop).

The workshop fee is $299* (less a 10% discount for current AFAA members. Corporate affiliate discounts may not be combined).

This fee includes:

  • One-Day Certification Review and Practicum Workshop
  • Kickboxing Certification Study Guide
  • Written and Practical Certification Exams
  • One-year AFAA membership ($68 value) or membership extension to current members and a print or digital subscription to American Fitness magazine (does not include postage to addresses outside the U.S.)
  • AFAA certified instructor certificate and I.D. card (upon successful completion of both written and practical examinations). CPR/AED certification required before certificate is issued.
  • 5 CEUs for AFAA certified professionals
  • If you have a disability and require special accommodations at an AFAA workshop, please call 800-446-2322 x213 in advance
AFAA certified professionals who wish to register only for CEU credit pay a workshop fee of $85. Receive 5 CEUs.

* Fee does not include the recommended Kickboxing: A Manual for Instructors ($39.00 plus shipping)