Workshop Descriptions AFAA Fitness Practitioner (AFP) Certification

AFAA Fitness Practitioner (AFP) Certification

AFAA Fitness Practitioner (AFP) Certification. An AFAA Fitness Practitioner is a degreed professional dedicated to providing a full range of fitness educational services- assessment, nutritional education, one-on-one training and counseling. The AFAA Fitness Practitioner is AFAA's highest level of certification. AFAA Fitness Practitioner candidates may take a standard one-year curriculum, or if certain qualifications are met, an accelerated program with a challenge exam. The final requirement to become an AFAA Fitness Practitioner is a case study thesis project. Current CPR certification and liability insurance are required to become an AFAA Fitness Practitioner.
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Also, be sure to check out our new TeleFitness Internet CertificationżAFAA's first online certification program that teaches you how to manage fitness information systems using patented, web-based tools. Read moreż

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