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AFAA certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence. As part of this commitment, certified fitness professionals continue their education by attending AFAA approved workshops and completing home study courses. A variety of AFAA specialty workshops are available each month. Use our workshop locator to find one near you. To earn continuing education units from the convenience of your own home, order a self study course or see, AFAA's new virtual campus containing a variety of Continuing Education courses and learning tutorials that can be completed online.

Read the Recertification Requirements Overview or your Recertification Information brochure for details on earning CEUs and renewing your certification.

Note: As commonly used in the fitness industry, AFAA calculates CEUs as 1 contact hour=1 CEU. Universities and other similar institutions calculate 10 contact hours=1 CEU.

Jillian Michaels CEU Corner

AFAA Self Study Courses AFAA Online Self Study Courses

AFAA Self Study courses allow you to fulfill all or part of your required 15 continuing education units (CEUs) at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. Also, an AFAA Home Study will fulfill the mandatory AFAA course required for recertification. To find out more about AFAA Self Study courses, click on the items below.

The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough featuring 4-3-2-1 Training Self Study
Reinstatement - Fitness: Theory & Practice Package 2010
Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults Self Study
A Taste of... Turbo Kick ® Self Study
Reinstatement - Telexercise® Resistance Training
OsteoBall® Training for Bone Health Self Study
Reinstatement - Personal Fitness Trainer Online Preparatory Course
Well-Fit Forms
Standards and Guidelines Reference Manual (plus 3 corresponding exams)
Step Workout DVD
Reinstatement - Telefitness® Internet Software Certification
Body Composition And Weight Management
Youth Fitness Self Study
Senior Fitness Self Study
Reference Manual Home Self Exam I
Step Training Self Study
Nutrition Fundamentals Self Study
Exercise And Obesity Self Study
Eating Disorders Self Study
Stress Management Self Study
Reference Manual Self Study Exam I I
Reference Manual Self Study Exam I I I
An Emerging Profession: Self Study I I
ACSM's Facility Standards & Guidelines
Building Client Relationships Self Study
Fitness Gets Personal® Series I & I I Self Study
Fitness Gets Personal®, Series I I
Fitness Gets Personal®, Series I
An Emerging Profession: Self Study I

The items listed above cannot be completed online.

Online learning—we call it “e-afaa”—represents the power of the Internet at its best. e-afaa, our groundbreaking virtual campus, is always there for you and utilizes the latest Web-based technology to bring you a highly interactive as well as dynamic learning experience.

AFAA Online Self Study Courses (for credit)

Jillian Michaels CEU Corner (3 CEUs)
Injury Prevention - Understanding Injuries (4 CEUs)
Injury Prevention - Upper Body (4 CEUs)
Injury Prevention - The Spine (4 CEUs)
Injury Prevention - Lower Body (4 CEUs)
From Hi-Lo to Hip-Hop (4 CEUs)
Group Resistance Training - Exercise Sequencing (4 CEUs)
Multiple Client Training (5 CEUs)
TeleFitness® Internet Software Certification (18 CEUs)
Stress Gets Personal (6 CEUs)
AFAA CEU Corners (2 CEUs Each)
Emergency Response Preparation (5 CEUs)
Yoga Essentials I (3 CEUs)
Yoga Essentials II (4 CEUs)
Resistance to the Core™ (3 CEUs)
Music Essentials for Group Exercise (4 CEUs)

AFAA Learning Tutorials (not for credit)

Primary Group Exercise Tutorial
Personal Fitness Trainer Tutorial

AFAA Distance Education Center

Personal Fitness Trainer Online Preparatory Course (18 AFAA Study Units)
Telexercise Resistance Training Online Course (18 AFAA Study Units)

The items listed above may be completed online.