How to Recertify

AFAA certification demonstrates a commitment to excellence. As part of this commitment, certified fitness professionals continue their education in a variety of ways. Continue reading for a list of the options AFAA offers to continue your education, as well as a breakdown of the recertification process.

AFAA certifications must be renewed every two years. In order to recertify, you must earn at least 15 continuing education units (CEUs)*, and at least 2 of these CEUs must be from AFAA developed courses as located at e-AFAA. AFAA approved provider courses or courses from other institutions do not meet this AFAA mandatory CEU requirement. All other CEUs may be earned through additional AFAA courses and/or AFAA approved provider courses, and you may also petition to include CEUs received through courses taken from other institutions. Once you have earned your CEUs, you will need to fill out a Certification Renewal Application and submit it along with a renewal fee (found on the application). You will also need to hold a current CPR/AED certification in order to recertify with AFAA. CPR/AED certifications from online or home study courses will not be accepted.

AFAA offers a host of choices to help you earn CEUs. Onsite or Online, at home or in the office, AFAA has the options that help you continue your education anytime, anywhere. Options include:


  • ONSITE WORKSHOPS — A variety of AFAA specialty onsite workshops and AFAA approved provider workshops are available each month all around the country. If you are currently AFAA certified, you can earn your CEUs at an onsite workshop!


  • E-AFAA ONLINE COURSES — AFAA continues to bring you not only the most up to date learning, but also the most up to date ways to learn! E-AFAA, our revolutionary virtual campus, contains a wide and exciting variety of Continuing Education courses that can be completed online. E-AFAA is always there for you, utilizing the latest technology to bring you a highly interactive and dynamic learning experience.
  • ON DEMAND WORKSHOPS — On Demand 5-hour workshops (without LQA System™) are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be found at These include AFAA favorites such as Fighting Obesity: A Practical Approach and Midlife Fitness for Women, as well as AFAA approved provider courses such as Jillian Michaels — BODYSHRED and the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program.
  • ONLINE CEU CORNERS — Also at e-AFAA, you can find our tremendously popular CEU Corner series! Choose from dozens of articles on a variety of fitness related subjects and, once you have read an article, simply complete and pass the corresponding multiple-choice quiz.

Other Courses

  • SELF STUDY COURSES — AFAA self study courses allow you to fulfill all or part of your required CEUs in the comfort of your home or office with study materials that may include textbooks, workbooks, CDs or DVDs.
  • CEU CORNERS IN PRINT — New CEU Corners can also be found in every issue of AFAA's bi-monthly magazine publication, American Fitness® .
  • REINSTATEMENT COURSES — If your AFAA certification has been expired for six (6) months or longer, you can reinstate your certification by earning CEUs through one of two options:
    • ONLINE
      • Telefitness® Internet Software Certification
    • VIA MAIL
      • Fitness: Theory and Practice Package
    Please visit our Reinstatement page for full details on each course.
  • COURSE PETITIONS — If you wish to include CEUs for a workshop or course not previously approved by AFAA, you may petition to do so. Correspondence courses (including telephonic, self-study, distance learning, Internet and other electronic courses), exam preparation courses, and workouts and master classes offered by third party providers from other organizations or providers are NOT eligible for AFAA CEUs by petition.
    • COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY COURSES — Course petition is not necessary for accredited college and university courses in the accepted subject areas. A transcript or grade report from the institution attended is used as the CEU validation form and must be submitted with the recertification application.
    • STATE APPROVED COURSES — Sate approved onsite courses such as Nursing, Dietitian, Physical Therapy, etc. are automatically accepted. Course petition is not necessary. Submit a validation form with the recertification application. Online coursework will not be accepted.
    • ACSM — American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) onsite courses are automatically accepted. AFAA CEUs will be equivalent to ACSM CECs (e.g. 3 ACSM CECs = 3 AFAA CEUs). Online coursework will not be accepted.

Accepted Subject Areas

  • A minimum of three of the following subject areas must be covered in the workshops or courses attended:
    • Anatomy
    • Biology
    • Body Composition
    • Business Management
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Fitness Assessment
    • Injury Prevention
    • Instructional Methods
    • Kinesiology
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Therapy
    • Resistance Training
    • Special Populations
    • Sports Psychology
    • Step Training

    Please also see our Recertification Brochure for a list of frequently asked questions, course petition form, application, and more!

Recertification Application

Once you have earned the necessary CEUs, you are ready to apply for recertification! To do so, simply follow these instructions:
  1. Download the Recertification Application

  2. Complete both sides of this Recertification Application.

  3. Photocopy your CEU validation forms and/or accredited University/College transcripts.

  4. Photocopy your AFAA certification and membership cards. (If you have them.)

  5. Photocopy your valid CPR/AED card (front and back). Online CPR/AED cards will not be accepted.

  6. Determine appropriate renewal fees.

  7. Mail this completed application, copies of CEU validation forms, copies of current AFAA certification and membership cards, a copy of your valid CPR card and payment to:
    • Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
      attn: Recertification
      15250 Ventura Blvd., Suite 200
      Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-3297 USA
Your new wallet card(s) and certificate(s) will be mailed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Paperwork will not be returned. Do not send originals.

*Note: As commonly used in the fitness industry, AFAA calculates CEUs as 1 contact hour=1 CEU. Universities and other similar institutions calculate 10 contact hours=1 CEU.