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The AFAA certification you received is valid for a period of two years. In order to maintain a current and balanced knowledge of the latest in fitness instruction, AFAA requires the following to be completed and submitted prior to your expiration date.

Earn a minimum of 15 continuing education units (CEUs) by attending AFAA workshops, completing Continuing Ed Corners or self study courses and/or AFAA approved workshops during your certification period. Self study, correspondence, Internet-based, distance learning or telephonic courses developed by other organizations are not acceptable.

The following types of courses are approved for AFAA CEUs.

  • Workshops listed on AFAA's monthly calendar (Note: Extensions are not AFAA workshops).
  • AFAA self study courses
  • AFAA Continuing Ed Corner.
  • Approved courses offered by authorized AFAA Continuing Education Providers.
  • Accredited college and university courses in the accepted subject areas. A transcript or grade report from the college you attended is used as the CEU validation form and should be submitted with the recertification application. Course petition is not necessary. AFAA units will be equivalent to twice the amount of college credit (i.e., 3 credits = 6 AFAA CEUs).
A minimum of three of the following subject areas must be covered in the workshops or classes attended.

Anatomy Nutrition Body Composition

Physical Therapy
Business Management Resistance Training

Exercise Physiology Special Populations Fitness Assessment

Sports Psychology Injury Prevention Kinesiology

Instructional Methods Step Training

The 15 CEUs must include at least one AFAA workshop, self study course or Continuing Ed Corner. See AFAA’s monthly calendar for a schedule of workshops, or the Self Study Catalog for courses you can complete at home. You can also complete the Continuing Ed Corner online by clicking here.

Proof of current adult-level CPR certification, taken with a practical exam or demonstration, must be submitted with your application, and will be awarded 2 CEUs. CPR certifications from online or self study courses will not be accepted.

A recertification application will be mailed to you three months before your expiration date and must be submitted with your CEU validation forms, fee and proof of current CPR certification.

AFAA Fitness Practitioner® (AFP) Recertification
AFPs follow the same requirements described above, but 20 CEUs are required instead of 15.

Emergency Response Recertification
To renew this certification you must pass the written and practical exams again after your two-year certification period. Continuing education does not apply.

Recertification Brochure[pdf]

Recertification Application[pdf]

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