Group Fitness Rock Star

How to Increase Your Skill Set as a Group Fitness Instructor

Would you consider yourself an 'expert' group fitness instructor? Before you answer that question, let's first take a look at how Wikipedia defines an expert: "someone who has a prolonged or intense experience through practice and education in... READ MORE

Group Fitness Rock Star


Everyone has an inner rockstar. It is who we are at our core. It is our truest expression (or expressions!) of self. Our inner rockstar can be any combination of bold, edgy.... READ MORE

Yoga Class

How “Strategic Distraction” in Group Fitness Classes Can Make All the Difference

Being distracted is commonly regarded as something to avoid. Distractions during a presentation at work can quickly derail our train of thought and negate all our hard work and preparation.... READ MORE

Outdoor Yoga Class

Outdoor Yoga Class Planning: 7 Key Considerations

Now that the weather is warmer, hosting outdoor yoga classes and events are in high swing for yoga instructors and studio business owners. Even corporate fitness professionals plan to incorporate outdoor classes within their programs this time of year.... READ MORE

Why Diversity Matters to Our Participants

Picture this: You’re headed into your first fitness class in a new studio space, excited for the workout that you’ve signed up, slightly nervous because you’re not quite sure what to expect...and as you enter the room, you set up your equipment, take a deep breath, look around...and notice that no one looks like you. Everyone else, including the instructor, has the same body type... READ MORE

Formula for Success in Group X

Whether you're just getting started as a group fitness instructor, or you’ve been leading group exercise classes for years, you’ll always find new opportunities to improve your teaching skills and attract more participants to your classes. In fact, you could say there’s a “formula” for being a great instructor. Check out this roundup of tried-and-true tenets for strengthening your group... READ MORE

Group Fitness versus Group Personal Training - Are We Really So Different?

Group fitness has certainly evolved over the years. Thanks to changing trends in the industry, better education and certifications, along with more programming options, a movement that gained popularity in the ‘80s is still going strong today. So popular that a hybrid form of training, group personal training, has come to the forefront and effectively bridged the gap between one-on-one training and larg... READ MORE

Group Fitness: Substitute Teaching Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever said yes to subbing a group fitness class, then find yourself having second thoughts? Maybe you’re worried that you won’t live up to the reputation of the regular instructor or that you aren’t as experienced at teaching that particular format. Maybe you said yes in an effort to help out a desperate director or to get your foot in the door at a club where you’d like to teach. Ultimately you wa... READ MORE

Teaching a Fitness Class for the First Time

Getting ready to teach a fitness class for the first time can feel nerve-wracking at best and terrifying at worst. Whether it’s a new-to-you format, a class at a new location or literally your first time ever teaching to a group, it's normal to feel jittery as you branch out or make the leap from fitness student to fitness instructor. Take heart in knowing that most instructors have felt this way at some point—it's na... READ MORE

Fitness Instructors Wish These Embarrassing Moments Never Happened (but they did!)

Spraying spit on participants. Passing gas in yoga class. Speaking privately into a “hot” mic. Calling a student by the wrong name. Sooner or later, most group fitness instructors have an embarrassing tale or two (or more) to tell. READ MORE

A Perspective on High-Intensity Interval Training

As the popularity of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and high work rate-type resistance training, also referred to as metabolic resistance training continue to grow, is there an increasing cause for concern? READ MORE

Diabetes – Safe and Effective Exercise Programming

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to either produce or effectively use insulin, a key hormone for moving glucose from the bloodstream to the working muscles. Diabetes is currently ranked as the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, with type 2 diabetes accounting for 90 to 95% of currently diagnosed cases. See how exercise can improve insulin effi... READ MORE

6 Steps to Set Yourself Apart from the Fitness Pack

In a world full of eye-catching, flashy, and often times over-the-top fitness professionals, how does one break out of the pack to gain a following in order to make a living in the fitness field? Start by following these six steps to establish your own personal niche and build your fitness community! READ MORE

How to Attract More Men to Group Exercise

As stereotypes go, you could say group fitness is the domain of women. Men are of course welcome. It’s just that, at many facilities, they seem to overlook group fitness classes as a viable workout option. But why? One good guess is the way group exercise is promoted, namely with women in mind. Sometimes a gym-goer’s reluctance to venture into group fitness territory has to do with fee... READ MORE

How Your Voice Can Improve Your Success as a Fitness Instructor

Clear cuing and audible instruction demonstrates that you're a confident leader who can help participants exercise safely and to the best of their abilities. Here’s how to ensure good voice projection in a fitness class—without damaging your vocal cords in the process. READ MORE

Dealing with Negative Feedback from Group Exercise Participants

No one likes to receive complaints or bad reviews about their performance—but you can’t please everyone all the time. It’s how you perceive and manage the feedback that counts. When you break it down, there are probably four categories of feedback you might receive from group exercise participants. READ MORE

4 Strategies For Reaching Out to New Group Fitness Participants (So They Come Back to Class Next Time)

The easy part of being a fitness instructor or group trainer is welcoming regular participants into class each week. They’re familiar to us, and each other. We see them often enough to know a bit about them: perhaps their history with exercise/injury, their fitness goals, their occupations, etc. We’ve seen them perform exercises long enough to know what they’re good at and what they need to modify... READ MORE

What to Do When a Group Fitness Participant Can’t Get the Exercise Technique Down

Your job as a fitness instructor is to help clients figure out exercise technique, but that process can get awkward if the participant feels embarrassed or discouraged by a lack of mastery. You might also feel this way for missing the mark on how to teach it. Your best line of defense for diffusing these potentially high-pressure situations is to prepare multiple options for breaking down an exercise or sequence. READ MORE

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