20 Tips to Keep Members in 2020

It's that time of year when everyone sets goals to change their lives for the better. Among the goals set, we find fitness. This means the gym parking lots get full, the locker room is packed,... READ MORE

Power of Connection: How to Retain Class Participants

Perception is reality. We tend to believe what we tell ourselves. We’ve all had a “Monday!” You know, the most dreadful of days, where nothing went your way? The clock turns to 5:00 PM and your boss gives you something that... READ MORE

Being a Group Fitness “Inclusivity Ambassador” in a world full of insecurity – including our own!

Perception is reality. We tend to believe what we tell ourselves. We all have insecurities. Even the people that you think are the most secure and successful, struggle with things you know nothing about. Being in the fitness industry for. READ MORE

Fitness Pros Share Similar Questions About Client Motivation and Adherence

Recently, Lawrence Biscontini posted an open-call for group movement instructors, personal trainers and life coaches to share their questions on social media. Following are some of the posts and his replies along with expertise shared from others in the fitness industry. READ MORE

Music’s Exercise Influence

What tunes are powering your workout? From rap and hip-hop, to hard rock and dance, each genre has the potential to take you to that higher level, push you through the last rep, or get you to the next mile marker. Music can psych you up before exercise even starts. It can make training feel less difficult. It’s an ergogenic aid that you can adjust for immediate results. Here we’ll take a look at some of... READ MORE

How Your Voice Can Improve Your Success as a Fitness Instructor

Clear cuing and audible instruction demonstrates that you're a confident leader who can help participants exercise safely and to the best of their abilities. Here’s how to ensure good voice projection in a fitness class—without damaging your vocal cords in the process. READ MORE

4 Strategies For Reaching Out to New Group Fitness Participants (So They Come Back to Class Next Time)

The easy part of being a fitness instructor or group trainer is welcoming regular participants into class each week. They’re familiar to us, and each other. We see them often enough to know a bit about them: perhaps their history with exercise/injury, their fitness goals, their occupations, etc. We’ve seen them perform exercises long enough to know what they’re good at and what they need to modify... READ MORE

What to Do When a Group Fitness Participant Can’t Get the Exercise Technique Down

Your job as a fitness instructor is to help clients figure out exercise technique, but that process can get awkward if the participant feels embarrassed or discouraged by a lack of mastery. You might also feel this way for missing the mark on how to teach it. Your best line of defense for diffusing these potentially high-pressure situations is to prepare multiple options for breaking down an exercise or sequence. READ MORE

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